Birthday gifts - does it have to be all or nothing?

Have you ever thought about all those parents out there who are really struggling to buy that nice gift for your kids birthday party? Read the thoughts from a mum who finds it hard to keep up with the social pressure of bringing gifts to all birthday parties. Today the social norm is still very much that if you are invited to a birhtday party you show up with a gift. But does it have to be like...

How to make awesome invitation cards

If you want to send out invitation cards for any type of celebration I can really recommend GreetingsIsland. They have a lot of templates, but you can also use your creativity and create your own cards. It's very easy to use and once you have finished your invitation you can download it as a picture or pdf. Perfect if you want to send the invitation via WhatsApp or WeChat. 

Funny and healthy treats!

There is a lot of debating if there is such a thing as a "sugar rush". No matter if you are a believer in sugar rushes or not, you still might want to give your little ones (and yourself) more healthy options for the next birthday celebration. We have listed a few ideas how you can make awesome treats that are still healthy.  Popsicle It’s getting warm outside and even warmer when you...

MySharety - how it works

MySharety is all about paying it forward. Here is how it works - if you have a celebration coming up, you can invite your guests, collect contributions towards your present/charity fund, track RSVPs and send thank you notes. Check out the video how it works here!

If we closed the gender pay gap.....

......3.1 working women and their families would be lifted out of poverty! For the 15.3 million single women—divorced, widowed, separated, and never married women living on their own—equal pay would mean a significant drop in poverty rates from 10.8 percent to 4.4 percent. Approximately 25.8 million children would benefit from the increased earnings of their mothers if they received...

Why should I help?

Take a look at the world poverty clock to see how many people around the world that still lives in extreme poverty. Let's all come together to help more people make the escape!

Fun and easy games

Give the kids a birthday party to remember with these fun but still simple games: 1. Mystery gift pass: Sit in a ring and pass a gift around, when the music stops the one who has it gets to open it. What's inside? It can be a message, jump on one leg for 30 sec or you might win a nice price. Maybe wrap the gifts in recycled paper? 2. The "pip" smartie: Sit in a ring and put 10 smarties...

Gift To Happiness Ratio

Ever had a birthday party or Christmas where your child tossed into all the gifts with huge excitement, for a short while, and when all gifts were unwrapped looked at you with disappointment and went "was that all?" That is a sign that you have reached The Law of Diminishing Returns. The Law of Diminishing Returns states that there is a point of forward movement that begins to deliver a decline in...

Eco-friendly birthday party

Yes, birthday parties tend to produce a LOT of unnecessary waste that will just end up on the landfill. So we thought we would share some simple ways to make your next birhtday party more green: 1. Skip those paper invitations, use MySharey or some other platform to send out invitations 2. Decorations, maybe skip all those balloons next time. Instead go for some lanterns or big paper pom-poms...

Postcard from Kenya

One charity MySharety is partnering with is Shoe4Africa Sweden. Right now the founder Markus is in Kenya with his family to work on their project on ground. He has made this lovely video to give us a better understanding of the work they do:

If you would like to support Shoe4Africa Sweden by organizing a MySharey event, click here to get started. 

The MySharety Blog

The MySharety Blog is our way of sharing tips and ideas around how to make your celebration a little bit more special, for you and for your guests. 

We will also give more insight into the charity organisations we work with. There will be regular updates here on how the donated money is used and personal stories of how we together make a positive impact.