Eco-friendly birthday party

Yes, birthday parties tend to produce a LOT of unnecessary waste that will just end up on the landfill. So we thought we would share some simple ways to make your next birhtday party more green:

1. Skip those paper invitations, use MySharey or some other platform to send out invitations

2. Decorations, maybe skip all those balloons next time. Instead go for some lanterns or big paper pom-poms (made of eco-friendly paper)

3. Don't use one time plastic cutlery. Either use your own or buy the wooden ones, much better than plastic. As for the plates, there are good eco-friendly alternatives today. 

4. Teach your child the benefit of giving, instead of receiving all those gifts chose to donate to a charity. 

5. Do you really need the gift bags filled with plastic $1 treats for the kids? Either skip them or use paper bags and give them a paper and pen or something else that is useful. 


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Thanks, that is very useful!

Hanna | 23-Jan-2018