Fun and easy games

Give the kids a birthday party to remember with these fun but still simple games:

1. Mystery gift pass: Sit in a ring and pass a gift around, when the music stops the one who has it gets to open it. What's inside? It can be a message, jump on one leg for 30 sec or you might win a nice price. Maybe wrap the gifts in recycled paper?

2. The "pip" smartie: Sit in a ring and put 10 smarties on a plate. One kids has to leave the room while the others decide on which smartie is the "pip" one. Once they decided they let the kid come back in and he or she can start picking smarties until they try to pick the "pip" one, and all kids shout "pip" at the same time. 

3. Musical Chairs: This is a classic one but so much fun. Put out the chairs in two lines with the backs agains each other. As you turn on the music the kids will walk around the chairs, as soon as the music stops you have to find a seat. BUT, there is one chair missing, so the one who did not find a chair is out. Continue until there are only two kids and one chair left, the one who sits down now has won!

4. Simon says: Choose one child to be the leader and have him or her stand in front of the rest of the group. The leader shouts out commands like, "Simon says, 'wave your right hand' or 'bend your left knee'". The group must mimic his or her moves but only if saying "Simon says" first, otherwise they're out. The last one standing wins the game.



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