Gift To Happiness Ratio

Ever had a birthday party or Christmas where your child tossed into all the gifts with huge excitement, for a short while, and when all gifts were unwrapped looked at you with disappointment and went "was that all?" That is a sign that you have reached The Law of Diminishing Returns. The Law of Diminishing Returns states that there is a point of forward movement that begins to deliver a decline in the desired outcome. We all want to make our kids happy and see that wonderful excitement in their eyes. And it’s easy to think that fulfilling many wishes will lead to more excitement, joy and gratitude, but guess what, all too often it doesn’t! Many times less is more. So how can you avoid the tipping point of diminishing returns, here are a few tips:

* Ask what the child is really wishing for and get one or two nice gifts.

* Avoid buying your child a lot of gifts throughout the year, it is important to learn gratitude. 

* Set the expectations, talk about why it’s not the amount of gifts that will make you happy. 

* Maybe do something nice together instead of depending on buying many gifts, play a game, cook a nice meal together, go to the cinema etc. 



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