Hosting a MySharety event is very simple way to pay it forward. Instead of receiving many gifts that you have not wished for and may not need you can still receive one nice gift and give part of the contributions to a charity. And just like that both you and your guest are part of making a difference. Some additional tips to you as a host: 1. bring the gift that you buy with the contributions to the celebration so the guests get to see it 2. use the "send message" function on the Dashboard to send messages to all or individual guests 3. send a "Thank you note" and include a picture of the celebration to all guests

Create Event

Creating your event will only take a few minutes. It is a very simple process and if you don't have time to finish it in one go you can always save your input and continue at a later stage.

Choose Charity

Read more about the charities and select the one that lies close to your heart. You also decide how much of the total contributions you would like to give to this charity, anything between 30% and 100%.

Invite Friends

There are two ways to invite your guests. The first option is to use the MySharety platform to send out invitations via Email. All you have to do is enter the Email addresses yof your guests. All your guests will receive an Email with a link where they can RSVP and give a contribution. The second option is to send physical invitation cards and share the event code on the invitation cards. Write the code on the invitation card and your guests can login to your event and RSVP and give a contribution.

Guest RSVP

All guests will get the option to give a contribution instead of bringing a physical gift. It is very easy and there is no charge for it. After your event is created the dashboard will help you to stay on top of things. Here you will find all information you need about your event; see all guests invited, add guests, send messages and reminders, see received funds etc.

Split Gift

After the event is closed all contributions received will be split between the organizer and the choosen charity according to the distribution you as a host set as you created the event. There will be a 7% administrative fee on the total contributions that is deducted from the charity part.


Congratulations, you have been invited to a MySharety party and now you have the chance to contribute to the joy of more people than just the host of party. Your host has decided to also make a positive contribution to other people’s lives by giving part of the contributions for this party to a charity. For you as a guest it is very easy to contribute. You just click the link that you received per email or use the code stated on the physical invitation card received and you can give your RSVP and chose to give a donation. And just like that you have given a little bit of hope to someone who really needs it.