Hanna Edström - founder and managing director MySharety

The idea behind MySharety came when I moved to Hong Kong and travelled around in Asia. After living in a very protected world in Sweden and Switzerland I was very touched to see the living standards of some of the people we met when travelling to places like Cambodia, Vietnam or even in Hong Kong. So the thought was born that I wanted to find a way to make a positive impact for people around the world who for different reasons struggle in their lives. And this is how MySharety started. MySharety is a way of making it easier for everyone to pay it forward. With MySharety I hope to encourage people to make better use of the resources that are used for different kinds of celebrations. Instead of bringing a lot of gifts to the party MySharety will help to bundle the resourses and split the donations between a charity and the host. And so the host can receive one nice gift and still share part of the donations with a charity. So let's start now, together we can give hope to the people who really needs it. 


Eva Lindstén - co-founder MySharety

When my daughther Hanna first told me about the idea with MySharety I immediately loved it. I have been involved in different Charity works in Africa for the last ten years and the idea of giving back is so compelling to me. I have spent longer periods in Africa and really seen what poverty looks like and how even a small contribution can be life changing for those people. With MySharety I hope that we will make it very easy for people to enjoy the gift of giving.